Photo of the author I’m C. C. S. Ryan. I particularly like writing (and reading) stories that live in the crossroads of different genres, or that hide out in science fiction and fantasy’s neglected corners.

One reason why I like writing is that I’m interested in practically everything. As long as I’m writing, I can pretend that my overgrown book collection and completely out-of-control browser tabs are legit adult work-type stuff.

I have one spouse, no pets, and no kids. I live in Northern California, though I grew up in various parts of the southern and central US.

“Favorites” are always difficult for me to identify. Books I find myself constantly recommending, though, include The Language of FoodAscension, Language Myths, Planetes, The Rook, Fire Logic, and The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet. I love Steven Universe and I’m looking forward to the return of The Expanse. And I’m thoroughly enjoying being part of the Doctor Who and Ghostbusters (2016) fandoms.

I went to school for art and computer science, and then changed to history, and then added Asian Studies. Then I went to grad school for East Asian Studies, and then I quit. And then I went to grad school for teaching English as a second language.

Before becoming an adjunct professor of English and ESL, I worked as a luxury travel agent (awful), a museum ticket-seller (yikes), a museum docent office admin assistant (lovely), and an unlicensed chauffeur (terrible). For a brief period, I was a wedding officiant, most memorably on Valentine’s Day in 2004 at San Francisco City Hall. I’ve also been a tutor and a proofreader. Occasionally, I make presentations at conferences. Most recently, I enthused about classroom library management at a reading conference in Seoul, Korea. It was just as nerdy and fabulous as it sounds.

Most years, you can find me at FOGcon, Gallifrey One, and Anglicon, and sometimes at Con-Volution.

P. S. Confession time: I am not actually 30, or even 10, Maine coon cats in a bathrobe.

Twitter: @wintersweet

Instagram: tardismilktea

Blog: Interstellar Teahouse

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